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Lindley Funeral Homes(816-622-4413)

Tina Lindley Funeral Homes (64682)  »More Info

Cordray Vinsesia(660-244-3129)

14750 June DrJunePurdin Vinsesia Cordray (64674)  »More Info

Cordray Vinsesia(660-244-3129)

14750 June DrJunePurdin Vinsesia Cordray (64674)  »More Info

Miller Bryan(660-244-3160)

14910 June DrJunePurdin Bryan Miller (64674)  »More Info

Wallace Joseph F(660-244-5029)

400 Oak StOakPurdin Joseph F Wallace (64674)  »More Info

Daniels Timmy R(660-244-5967)

401 Oak StOakPurdin Timmy R Daniels (64674)  »More Info

Musgrave Bob(660-244-3176)

509 Oak StOakPurdin Bob Musgrave (64674)  »More Info

McClaren Phillip(660-244-5745)

101 Poplar StPoplarPurdin Phillip McClaren (64674)  »More Info

Jacobs John(660-244-3495)

201 Poplar StPoplarPurdin John Jacobs (64674)  »More Info

Jacobs Minnie(660-244-3495)

201 Poplar StPoplarPurdin Minnie Jacobs (64674)  »More Info

Moore Inah(660-244-3255)

115 Railroad StRailroadPurdin Inah Moore (64674)  »More Info

Almond Randy G(660-256-3289)

Rothville Randy G Almond (64676)  »More Info

Amoco Pipeline Co(660-256-3259)

Rothville Amoco Pipeline Co (64676)  »More Info

Bank of Rothville(660-256-3212)

Rothville Bank of Rothville (64676)  »More Info

Barnett French(660-256-3397)

Rothville French Barnett (64676)  »More Info

Batye Mabel E(660-256-3257)

Rothville Mabel E Batye (64676)  »More Info

Belt Garry L(660-256-3230)

Rothville Garry L Belt (64676)  »More Info

Bezoni Charles(660-256-3375)

Rothville Charles Bezoni (64676)  »More Info

Blair Allan(660-256-3563)

Rothville Allan Blair (64676)  »More Info

Bohonsky P(660-256-3529)

Rothville P Bohonsky (64676)  »More Info

Bohonsky Robi(660-256-3302)

Rothville Robi Bohonsky (64676)  »More Info

Boley G G(660-256-3506)

Rothville G G Boley (64676)  »More Info

Bp Pipelines(660-256-3259)

Rothville Bp Pipelines (64676)  »More Info

Buck Bruce(660-256-3548)

Rothville Bruce Buck (64676)  »More Info

Carpenter Jim M(660-256-3394)

Rothville Jim M Carpenter (64676)  »More Info

Clark Neal E(660-256-3276)

Rothville Neal E Clark (64676)  »More Info

Dorrell Franklin(660-256-3341)

Rothville Franklin Dorrell (64676)  »More Info

Dorrell Keith Jr(660-256-3269)

Rothville Keith Dorrell, Jr. (64676)  »More Info

Epperson Keith(660-256-3220)

Rothville Keith Epperson (64676)  »More Info


Rothville Fire (64676)  »More Info

Ginn S(660-256-3326)

Rothville S Ginn (64676)  »More Info

Gladbach Andrew(660-256-3275)

Rothville Andrew Gladbach (64676)  »More Info

Gray S F(660-256-3362)

Rothville S F Gray (64676)  »More Info

Gray V L(660-256-3362)

Rothville V L Gray (64676)  »More Info

Jones William E(660-256-3524)

Rothville William E Jones (64676)  »More Info

Kornburst Kenneth(660-256-3284)

Rothville Kenneth Kornburst (64676)  »More Info

Lauhoff Michael(660-256-3359)

Rothville Michael Lauhoff (64676)  »More Info

Lodder Charles M(660-256-3306)

Rothville Charles M Lodder (64676)  »More Info

Lowe Connie(660-256-3317)

Rothville Connie Lowe (64676)  »More Info

Moxley Betty(660-256-3204)

Rothville Betty Moxley (64676)  »More Info

Phillips Russell(660-256-3224)

Rothville Russell Phillips (64676)  »More Info

Pollard Dean(660-256-3203)

Rothville Dean Pollard (64676)  »More Info

Pope Ben(660-256-3593)

Rothville Ben Pope (64676)  »More Info

Pope Fred(660-256-3522)

Rothville Fred Pope (64676)  »More Info

Pope Iva(660-256-3593)

Rothville Iva Pope (64676)  »More Info

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