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Adolph Ronald(419-822-0378)

Delta Ronald Adolph (43515)  »More Info

Franklin Angela(419-782-0533)

1023 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Angela Franklin (43512)  »More Info

Franklin Angela(419-782-0533)

1023 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Angela Franklin (43512)  »More Info

Franklin Samuel(419-782-0533)

1023 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Samuel Franklin (43512)  »More Info

Florence Larry R(419-784-2171)

1026 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Larry R Florence (43512)  »More Info

Koenig David R(419-782-5556)

1040 Wayne AveWayneDefiance David R Koenig (43512)  »More Info

Bryant William(419-782-0377)

1049 Wayne AveWayneDefiance William Bryant (43512)  »More Info

Weisgerber Richard L(419-782-4311)

1051 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Richard L Weisgerber (43512)  »More Info

Trivett John M(419-782-4690)

1052 Wayne AveWayneDefiance John M Trivett (43512)  »More Info

Trivett Melissa(419-782-4690)

1052 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Melissa Trivett (43512)  »More Info

Kimble Judith L(419-784-1874)

1102 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Judith L Kimble (43512)  »More Info

Ferland John J Jr(419-782-1459)

1107 Wayne AveWayneDefiance John J Ferland, Jr. (43512)  »More Info

Andonegui Mark(419-782-0812)

1111 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Mark Andonegui (43512)  »More Info

Yeager John(419-784-5261)

1115 Wayne AveWayneDefiance John Yeager (43512)  »More Info

Ricica Rosemary(419-784-0311)

1119 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Rosemary Ricica (43512)  »More Info

Wurst E J(419-782-9486)

1120 Wayne AveWayneDefiance E J Wurst (43512)  »More Info

Moninger David(419-784-4793)

1121 Wayne AveWayneDefiance David Moninger (43512)  »More Info

Moninger Suzanne(419-784-4793)

1121 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Suzanne Moninger (43512)  »More Info

Krumel Donald W(419-784-0445)

1124 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Donald W Krumel (43512)  »More Info

Eberle Keith(419-782-7171)

1137 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Keith Eberle (43512)  »More Info

Lady Fair Beauty Salon(419-782-7171)

1137 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Lady Fair Beauty Salon (43512)  »More Info

Waxler Steve(419-784-5407)

1142 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Steve Waxler (43512)  »More Info

Thomas Paul E(419-782-7259)

1145 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Paul E Thomas (43512)  »More Info

Wendell Bill(419-782-8404)

1150 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Bill Wendell (43512)  »More Info

Detray Fred(419-782-1522)

1200 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Fred Detray (43512)  »More Info

Brownlee John(419-782-8913)

1208 Wayne AveWayneDefiance John Brownlee (43512)  »More Info

Arnold Clarence V(419-782-5651)

1220 Wayne AveWayneDefiance Clarence V Arnold (43512)  »More Info

Rios Tony(419-782-5198)

200 Webster StWebsterDefiance Tony Rios (43512)  »More Info

Youmans Eva(419-784-0081)

215 Webster StWebsterDefiance Eva Youmans (43512)  »More Info

Wheeler Roger(419-782-4616)

515 Webster StWebsterDefiance Roger Wheeler (43512)  »More Info

Sarka Phyllis(419-782-1760)

516 Webster StWebsterDefiance Phyllis Sarka (43512)  »More Info

Sarka Robert(419-782-1760)

516 Webster StWebsterDefiance Robert Sarka (43512)  »More Info

Shafer Donald(419-782-5631)

517 Webster StWebsterDefiance Donald Shafer (43512)  »More Info

Retcher Robert(419-784-2679)

890 Webster StWebsterDefiance Robert Retcher (43512)  »More Info

Schroeder Alfred W Rev(419-782-4176)

950 Webster StWebsterDefiance Schroeder Alfred W Rev (43512)  »More Info

St John United Church of Christ(419-782-4176)

950 Webster StWebsterDefiance Of Christ St John United Church (43512)  »More Info

Shock B J(419-784-4397)

800 Wemor AveWemorDefiance B J Shock (43512)  »More Info

Zedaker David M(419-782-0213)

802 Wemor AveWemorDefiance David M Zedaker (43512)  »More Info

Defiance Baseball Associaction(419-782-9299)

901 Wemor AveWemorDefiance Associaction Defiance Baseball (43512)  »More Info

Diehl Concession(419-782-2400)

901 Wemor AveWemorDefiance Diehl Concession (43512)  »More Info

Mojica Charro(419-782-4298)

909 Wesley StWesleyDefiance Charro Mojica (43512)  »More Info

Hotmire Jesse(419-784-1865)

915 Wesley StWesleyDefiance Jesse Hotmire (43512)  »More Info

Rayle Edward(419-395-1152)

27233 West StWestDefiance Edward Rayle (43512)  »More Info

Wiley Jennifer(419-395-1371)

27330 West StWestDefiance Jennifer Wiley (43512)  »More Info

Wiley Paul(419-395-1371)

27330 West StWestDefiance Paul Wiley (43512)  »More Info

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