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The most cultural Botanical Garden:Georgeson Botanical Garden

Georgeson Botanical Garden is located in Fairbanks branch of the University of Alaska, covering an area of 3 acres. Although it is not large, it is a botanical garden integrating education and entertainment. Many university courses related to plants can be set up here to meet the needs of teaching. In spare time, it also becomes a place for students to play and relax.

There are annual flowers, vegetables and perennial herbaceous flowers in Georgeson Botanical Garden, which mainly focus on local plants in Alaska. Because Alaska is located in the northern region, the temperature is relatively cool compared with other states, and many flowers bloom later, which provides bright flowers for the world flower market in the cold season. Because it is located in the university campus, the peaceful environment and fragrant plants of the botanical garden become the paradise for painting lovers and readers. The Botanical Garden brings them into their ideal world and quietly enjoys the joy brought by flowers.

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