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The spectacular Christ of the Ozarks

Located near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the statue of Christ of the Ozarks was carved by Emmet Sullivan in 1966. It is about 20 meters high. The huge white sculpture has become the landmark sculpture in this area, which is very striking.

During the depression, Gerald L. K. Smith led a "share our wealth" campaign. After his retirement, he planned a theme park in which he would carve a Christ image. The holy white Christ statue was completed in 1966. It is very simple on the whole, and it is a combination of modernism and 1 animation. Due to the height of the sculpture, workers had to use ladders to work during the sculpture period. The statue is about 7 feet long from the wrist to the fingers, and the distance between the left and right fingers is about 55 feet. Christ of the Ozarks, like hands outstretched, represents suffering, but there is no cross.

The white image of Christ of the Ozarks has been put on the screen for many times. The 1988 film pass the ammo and 2005 film Elizabethtown all feature this sculpture.

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