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How much do you know about Hapuna Beach State Park?

Hapuna Beach State Park is located on Hawaiian Island, covering 61.8 acres. It is named after Hapuna Beach. Hapuna has the meaning of "hot spring, pool" in Hawaiian. Hapuna Beach is one of the best white beaches in Hawaii. In 1993, it was hailed as "the best beach in the United States" by Professor Stephen Leatherman, Professor of Florida International University. Therefore, this beautiful beach is often called "Doctor's Beach".

Visitors can enjoy free access to Hapuna Beach State Park, the park's pavilion, picnic facilities, and the beautiful scenery of Hapua Beach. Hapuna Beach is the largest white beach on Hawaii's Big Island. The sand is white, delicate and soft. The sea water is clear and bottomless. It is a resort for swimming, surfing, sunbathing and snorkeling. Near the beach is the famous Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, which not only has a good environment and good service, but also has complete facilities, so that every visitor can feel the warmth of their home.

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Hapuna Beach State Park, located along the west coast of Kohala Coast, is known as one of the best beaches in Hawaii. Hapuna Beach, one of the largest white sand beaches on the island, often ranks among the top ten international attractions and is popular with tourists.

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