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The interesting phenomenon of Des Moines

Des Moines is the largest city in Iowa, the capital of the state. There are many interesting phenomena in Des Moines, do you know?

No matter the ordinary fast food restaurant or the high-end restaurant, all dishes like salt and salty taste, which makes people worry about blood pressure.

Water has no aftertaste, but it does not look different. Some people say it tastes like a garden plastic hose.

The locals are very friendly and talkative. They can always find topics to chat with.

People like to use cash. Cash is rarely seen in most parts of the United States, and even coins are rare. But in Des Moines, the use of cash is very common. There is no mobile phone payment service in retail stores.

The streets are numbered with no names. This makes many people who have just arrived here feel overwhelmed.

Slang. In the mall, the street or somewhere to meet the acquaintances, the locals use the words at will, which is difficult to say, and give people the feeling that they do not like to speak loudly.

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