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Gem state - Idaho

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Gem state - Idaho

Area: 216,412 square kilometers, the thirteenth row.
Population: 857,000 people, in the fourth eleven
State House: Boise
Main cities: Pocatello, Idaho Falls
State Flower: Philadelphus
State bird: BLUEBIRD

The name comes from an Idaho Indian tribe's name, some people say that its meaning is "mountain of treasure" Gem of the mountains. 1842 Colonial. July 3, 1890 became the forty-third state.
State called the Gem state Alias

State motto: Let it Be Forever

Basic information
Nickname: Gem State
State capital Boise
Largest city: Boise
Governor: Dirk Kempthorne
State Tax: 5% state tax, plus 2% hotel tax, some places will receive 5%.
No official language
An area of ​​216,632 square kilometers (14th U.S.)
- Land 214,499 sq km
- Water 2,133 square kilometers (0.98%)
Population (2000)
- The total number of 1,293,953 people (U.S. No. 39)
- Density of 6.04 people / km (U.S. No. 44)
Joined the Union in order
- Date July 3, 1890
- The first 43 to join the U.S. Federal
Time zone Pacific: UTC-8/-7 (North)
Mountain: UTC-7/-6 (South)
Latitude 42 ° N to 49 ° N
Longitude 111 ° W to 117 ° W
Width of 491 km
Length of 771 km
Above sea level - up to 3,859 meters - an average of 1,524 meters - 216 meters minimum

Idaho's main economic industry is agriculture, food processing, forestry, high-tech manufacturing industry, tourism and mining. Traditionally, the state's economy based on agriculture, logging and mining as the 3 pillars. Snake River watershed, the rich, vertical and horizontal channels, is one of the largest irrigation district, rich in potatoes. Particularly good state of potato quality, production is highest in the country, as well as the "potato state," said. Other major crops are wheat and sugar beet. Developed animal husbandry, grasslands and mountains in order to raise beef cattle and sheep based. Forest cover is about 33%, mainly for the white pine tree, ponderosa pine, fir, cypress, fir and so on. Annual production of 1.5 billion board feet of wood. The discovery of gold and gold mining fever was to promote mining development. But now is not the main mineral of gold, silver, lead and zinc have leapt to the national output of the top 3. Southeast rich in phosphate. Main energy source is hydropower. In recent years, increasingly well-developed manufacturing industry, its revenue has more than agriculture, but is still the main sectors of food, timber and minerals processing industry. 70 started from the 20th century, tourism has developed rapidly, the amount of income has been among the best states in the country.

The state has a continental climate. 510 mm average annual precipitation in northern and southern of 300 mm. Level terrain have a significant impact on temperature.
Lewiston elevation of 217 m, annual average temperature 11.1 ℃; Montpellier, 1828 meters above sea level, average temperature 5.5 ℃. Snake River middle reaches of average temperature 12.8 ℃. Crop growth period from 120 days to 300 days. Idaho's climate is very mild, for two reasons: warm air blowing in from the Pacific; eastern mountains from the east and north to withstand the winter cold front. However, the mountain may appear cold temperatures. The temperature difference across the state, affected by the altitude. Tree City, the average temperature in July is round degrees Celsius in January is minus three degrees. Idaho Falls, July average temperature is twenty-one time, January is minus nine degrees. The state's average annual precipitation varies across the state, only 25 cm in some areas, while mountain areas can have snowfall 508 cm high.
This state has two prairie north, south-east there are mountains (81 statewide there are 42 mountains over 10,000 feet). The most important rivers are the Snake River and Salmon River.

Idaho special. It is the only one Protestant and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in which a considerable proportion of the state. The former accounted for 39%, which accounted for 30%.
The following is a belief in the proportion of the population of Idaho.
39% Protestant
30% of the end of the world religions (often abbreviated as LDS)
Roman Catholic 12%
2% Other Christian
1% Other Religions
13% Non-Religious
Idaho Protestants, the proportion of different faction, of which the Methodist (6%), followed by Lutheran (4%), followed by Baptist (4%).

Important cities and towns
Idaho Falls
American Falls
Sun Valley
Coeur d'Alene

Public universities
University of Idaho
Idaho State University
Lewis-Clark College
Boise State University
College of Southern Idaho
Eastern Technical College
North Idaho College
The College of Idaho
Northwest Nazarene College
Ricks College: Mormon church schools.

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