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Let’s go to The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis

In Indianapolis, the famous Indianapolis children's museum is indispensable. In 1924, Mrs. John n. Carey, who was enthusiastic about Indianapolis affairs, visited the Brooklyn children's Museum. After returning to Indianapolis, she made up her mind to build her own museum for the children. Her enthusiasm also infected three other women who were concerned about the city's affairs. Starting with the items donated by children, the children's museum was officially established in 1925. Today, the Indianapolis children's Museum has grown into the largest and best children's Museum in the world.

From the appearance, the Indianapolis children's museum is very distinctive. Many dinosaur sculptures seem to break through the wall. With a total of four floors, the exhibition hall covers an area of more than 400000 square feet. It has 12 major venues. The theme of the venue involves physics, natural science, history, world culture and art, and has more than 110000 collections. In the museum, children can not only watch the collection, learn knowledge, but also experience the fun of sharing and hands-on operation.

The curved zenith dinosaur Pavilion of the Indianapolis children's museum is one of the most famous pavilions in the museum. In 2006, the world famous glass artist daie Chihuly produced the world's largest blown glass art - "fireworks" in the museum for permanent display. It stands in the center of the museum, from the first floor to the fourth floor, and from the ground floor you can see the bottom of her, which is incomparably beautiful. There is a swivel chair on the ground floor. We all lie on the swivel chair and enjoy the glass fireworks at the same time. It's a great enjoyment!

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