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Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum is located in Bowden college, Cumberland County, Maine. It was founded in 1985. Its name comes from polar explorer Robert Pirie and Bowden college graduate Donald Macmillan. It is one of the two major museums in the United States devoted to Arctic research.

The museum focuses on all aspects of the Arctic, from natural life to people's cultural life, exploring the history, culture and life of animals and plants in the Arctic and local residents. There are various exploration tools, Inuit Art, films, natural and historical species used by Robert Pirie and Donald Macmillan in exploring the Arctic. Many of the collections were donated by Robert Pirie and Donald Macmillan, who donated more than 5000 black-and-white photos, glass lampshades and 35 slides, as well as items collected while exploring Greenland, Labrador and Baffin. The historical photos in the museum are the largest and most characteristic collection of the museum. There are more than 20000 photos, most of which are taken in the Arctic area in the east of North America. The core part was taken by Macmillan in 1908.

The museum's collection of contemporary Inuit Art and crafts includes standing polar bears made by artists, carved from ivory, as well as Qingtian stone carvings and various masks.

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