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Minnesota’s largest city: Minneapolis

Minnesota's largest city: Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota. Located in the southeast, near the mouth of Minnesota. Mississippi route to the top of the entrance to Hong Kong. St. Paul, across the river from the east, constitutes a pair of well-known on the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis area of ​​142.5 square kilometers, population 368,000 (1990).

Mississippi West, Minneapolis was founded in 1855, was German and Scandinavian immigrants choose to settle the target, known as the tradition of advocating freedom and innovation. Local rich water, promoting the prosperity of wood and flour industry. Now entered the ranks of high-tech city. Minneapolis in the Indian language is the "water" means, Indianapolis is the Greek word for "city" in the transliteration, together meaning "water city."

Early economic activity in Minneapolis to take advantage of Falls hydropower, development of wood processing industry. Reaching its apogee in 1899 the logging industry. With the migration to the Midwest after the development of the United States, flour industry to become a major industry. The railroad in the 19th century. After World War I became the headquarters of five major flour company. After World War II, the rise of modern industry, the city continues to expand. Flour industry prominence in the domestic home, the output second only to Buffalo, for the modernization of the flour factory west of downtown centers. Minneapolis Grain Exchange is the world's largest class of property markets. Linseed oil, cheese and traditional sawn wood industry is very developed. Electronic instruments, agricultural machinery, transportation machinery industry has developed rapidly in the urban industrial structure, becoming dominant. Factories are mainly located in the south of the city.

22 Minneapolis city light beautiful small lake, winding path around the lake, trees, flowers and lush. The size of the city there are 156 parks. The central business district in the Mississippi River West Bank, the International Development Corporation 57 layer (IDC) Nicolette Mall building and the city's main building. Standing high-rise buildings overlooking the sparkling lake everywhere, water and sky matched. New town hall is reminiscent of Roman-style palace in European countries. Gardens around the lake, elegant and tranquil environment is ideal for residential areas. Since Minneapolis is located in the north, and China's Heilongjiang subordinates the same latitude in the winter temperature can fall to minus 30-40 ℃, the snow sometimes up to 2 meters deep. In order to facilitate pedestrians, downtown buildings erected between the glass sealed air corridor, a "bridge", the total length of about five kilometers. Even the number of nine days in the cold, pedestrians would not be cold attacks.

July 14-22 at each of the Ming City, the traditional festival "Water Festival", 200 species of city celebrations to be held each year is essential for water-skiing show, turtle races, fancy dress parade, fireworks show and so on. During the festival, the streets covered with festive banners and colorful posters. A variety of street parade, a band of secondary school students in school uniform, loaded with men and women dressed in exotic clothing floats, there are people in the street dressed different clown show, attracted the child laughter issued, the city's Department is filled with strong festive atmosphere.

There are river lakes are not only water city, the world famous city of the Mississippi River to the north of the Yi Tasi rises in the lake, meandering river with the mountains hundreds of kilometers, flowing through the middle from the Twin Cities, and finally merged into a few hundred meters wide the ocean Okawa, south pour away. This zone because of the undulating terrain, the water level quite different, forming many waterfalls, the most attractive is the St. Anthony Falls and Minnehaha Falls. Minnehaha Falls in the top of the erection of the Indian myth of the hero and his bride of Hiawatha statue of Minnehaha. Touching stories and love them the famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Song of Hiawatha" has a vivid description. Walking along the Mississippi River, you can see the locks, dams, there are preserved as cultural relics and century-old antique windmill boat.

Minneapolis is also a famous cultural city. Located here in the University of Minnesota (1851) the most prestigious, have developed a seven Nobel Prize winners. In political science, engineering, physics, mining, agriculture and medicine, the high quality of its faculty is the nation recognized. Other institutions of higher learning include Auger Pressburger College (1869), Dundee Institute of Technology (1914), Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Crafts (1886), Jingu Xin Yi will School (1967), in North Bible Institute. There is also to perform classical theater in the theater Diyougesi known, it is considered the best outside of New York Broadway theater. Minnesota Symphony Orchestra and the United States the best compares favorably. Schmitt Music Center but also in its theaters on the external walls of buildings painted a composition of all music. Many of the city's art galleries to showcase cutting-edge of recent works. Minneapolis Museum of Art exhibition of the European classical masters of painting, and the Walker Art Center will display modern art style.

In 1993 "Fortune" magazine named Minneapolis the best international business environment, the most benefit American business development one of the top ten cities. In the "Fortune" magazine's 500 largest listed companies, 31 headquarters here.

September 18, 1992, Minneapolis and China's Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, became sister cities.

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