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White Fish Mountain Resort, formerly known as the "Big Mountain Ski Resort", is one of Montana's most popular skiing areas. The resort was renamed in 2007 and then transformed into a world-class skiing destination, while retaining some of its previous features. This includes a pleasant relaxation atmosphere, no snow stallions, and their high prices. The Silver Fish Ski Resort also provides a quick way to get to the nearby Silver Fish Montana town, which also has a relaxing atmosphere. Although the ski destination is a fashionable resort with luxurious restaurants and shops, it manages to maintain its old style.

White Fish Mountain Resort offers 3,000 acres of skiing terrain across three main areas. It applies to almost anyone, with great beginner facilities and a large number of super fast, super clean, thigh melting beauticians. The steep trees, bowls and woodlands on the mountain provide effective cross-country challenges for advanced skiers. In addition, there are plenty of accommodation on the mountain, most of which slide in and out. The main form of accommodation is apartment. Living on slopes is very convenient, especially for families who don't need active nightlife or restaurants.

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