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Have you ever been to New England Ski Museum?

Located in the small town of Franconia in Grafton County, New Hampshire, the New England skiing Museum, founded in 1977, is a non-profit museum focusing on the protection and display of commercial and recreational skiing history and Heritage in the northeast of the United States.

The New England skiing museum is one of the four certified skiing museums in the United States. It displays the skiing history of the northeast of the United States for more than 8000 years, and it is also a permanent exhibition in the museum. On the 27 inch TV screen, visitors can enjoy skiing teaching, avalanche hazards, early skis and various beautiful skiing actions. Skiing related items in the museum are collected or donated by individuals and organizations, such as scrapbooks, magazines, photo albums, books, tapes, snowboards, ski pants, photos, skiing competition trophies and medals.

Every year, the New England skiing museum also holds an annual exhibition on a regular basis, mainly focusing on the introduction and exhibition of skiing history, so that those skiing enthusiasts and young people living in the northeast of the United States can better understand skiing history and protect skiing heritage.

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