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The most important state science museum in New Jersey:Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center is located in the free State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. Founded in 1993, it is not only an interactive science center, but also a learning center. It is the first important state science museum in New Jersey and an ideal place for people of all ages to explore the scientific world.

Liberty Science Center expanded its exhibition space to 28000 square kilometers in 2007 and has the world's largest IMAX image screen. The fixed exhibitions in the museum include skyscraper achievement and influence, eating or being eaten, communication and communication, my exploration, energy exploration, wildlife, our home Hudson River, etc. among them, "skyscraper achievement and influence" mainly displays the world's high-rise buildings, "eating or being eaten" mainly describes the predatory relationship between animals. In addition to the regular exhibitions, the museum will hold a variety of itinerary exhibitions, so that more people can understand science and technology, as well as the far-reaching impact of science and technology on us.

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