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Cowboy culture originated in New Mexico. Cowboy's spirit is "freedom", which is roughly equivalent to the word "freedom" as you want, go your own way, the true nature of human nature. Such a state may be desirable to everyone, but not necessarily accessible to everyone. Regardless of your status, status, age, height, fat and thin, everyone is equal, the world is in harmony, the interpretation of people is absolutely their own self, filtered out the rest... Exploring the essence of jeans is also a spiritual realm pursued by modern people.

Cowboy culture is a general term of street culture composed of many elements, including cowboy spirit, cowboy music, cowboy dance, cowboy clothing and so on.

The so-called "jeans" have become a popular fashion, even a fixed habit, wearing tight or loose jeans, wrapping famous brand headscarves or sports caps, collections of shoes, of course, mobile phones and headphones with digital cameras, plus a bunch of shiny metal ornaments, stepping on that kind of shaky pace.

Courage, perseverance, courage and perseverance.

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