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The largest desert in North America:Great Basin Desert

The Great Basin is located in the plateau inland basin in the west of the United States. The desert in the basin is called the Great Basin Desert, which is the largest desert in North America. The Great Basin Desert covers most of Nevada, more than half of Utah, and California, Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming, covering an area of about 520000 square kilometers. It is not a single basin, but a series of continuous basins.

The Great Basin Desert belongs to the temperate arid desert. The gap in the west of the air flow makes the desert wet. The annual precipitation is 70-150 mm, and there is snow in winter. The precipitation is more in spring and early summer, and the distribution is more uniform in the middle of the year. Most of the internal desert is fixed and semi fixed sand dunes, accounting for 97% of the total desert area. The vegetation coverage of fixed sand dunes is 40-50%, and that of semi fixed sand dunes is 15-25%. It is the main part of shrubby desert in Central Asia, and it is an excellent winter pasture. In addition to the buried ancient alluvial plain and ancient river lake plain, there are very thick Quaternary loose deposits, which contain light confined water. Although it is called desert, it is also full of vitality, with more than 300 kinds of plants.

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