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The National recognized art museum: Nevada Museum of Art

Located at 160 West Liberty Street, Reno, Nevada, the Nevada Museum of art is the only one recognized by the American Museum Association. The museum was founded in 1931, formerly known as the Nevada art gallery and founded by James E. church, a professor at the University of Nevada. In 1949, the gallery acquired a pavilion and some permanent collections. In 1978, the gallery bought Hawkins house and moved into the new space. Since then, the museum has experienced continuous development and expansion.

In 2001, the Nevada Museum of art launched a $22 million expansion program competition. The new four story structure designed by architect will Bruder opened on May 24, 2003, and received more than 120000 visitors in the first year. In 2007, Nevada art museum began to vigorously develop visual arts and education projects, and enhance its position in similar institutions. Today, the museum receives more than 81000 visitors a year, receives support from more than 6300 members, and has an annual operating budget of $3 million.

As the only nationally recognized art museum in Nevada, the permanent collection of Nevada Art Museum runs through the 19th-21st century art, including five key collections. In addition, the museum will hold exhibitions with different themes on a regular basis. In recent years, the exhibitions mainly focus on the land protection that people pay more and more attention to.

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