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The BOK Tower of Tulsa (Oklahoma bank building)

The BOK Tower of Tulsa (Oklahoma bank building)

Central and South America, Tulsa, Oklahoma City from the northeast of New York City of a thousand miles away. However, one of the Tulsa City high-rise buildings and the World Trade Center towers in New York City has a clear but sad close contact.

This high-rise of the World Trade towers and the Tulsa City from the hands of the Japanese-Americans Yamazaki. Tulsa city, this tall building is now named the BOK (Bank of Oklahoma) building. The BOK Tower height is almost half of the World Trade towers, 52 floors, completed three years after the completion of the World Trade Center. BOK appearance of the building in the United States in all high-rise is the most like the World Trade towers. They are towering into the sky, has a vertical narrow windows, the top floor has a view of the tower layer. It is said that the reason why designers Yamazaki narrow windows design, because he was afraid of heights. Narrow windows to avoid seeing the scenery outside the window.

BOK's this building was originally built for a large energy company Williams. Yamasaki's original design version of the two small high-rise. President to see the design of Williams after he pulled them on a high-rise pile addition, a high-rise building height increased by half, it becomes the current at a cost of $ 86 million skyscrapers. Until now, the Williams company is still working in this building.

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