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Powell Bookstore is a chain bookstore in Portland, Oregon, USA. It opened in 1971 and its first branch in 1984. Now it has many branches in Portland. It is known as "the largest private independent bookstore in the world" and is well received by book lovers.

Powell Bookstore covers an area of about 6300 square meters. It sells new books, second-hand books, discount books, out-of-print books, as well as records, CD-ROMs and other media. It can meet the needs of different groups and sell thousands of books every day. The types of books in the store cover almost all categories, such as politics, economy, science and education, literature, entertainment, gossip, astronomy and geography, and are easy to find. The key point is that the price of the books in the store is reasonable, which is acceptable to most people. People who like reading love to come here to buy books. There is a cafe in the bookstore, ordering a cup of coffee, sitting in front of the window and reading while tasting coffee, which is also a way to enjoy a comfortable life.

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