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Have you ever been to Ferment Park?

Ferment Park, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an urban park system consisting of 63 parks covering 9,200 acres. Its name derives from the name of the first park in the park and was listed on the National Historic List of the United States in 1972.

Ferment Park is the largest landscape city park in the United States. It is decorated as the most popular park in Philadelphia by rippling streams, lush trees, lovely animals, elegant lakes, winding paths and leisure walkways. This colorful park is composed of memorial hall, Japanese garden, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Zoo and so on. It has many tourist attractions to visit, including botanical gardens full of birds and flowers, museums with artistic flavor, and historic buildings. Architecture, so your journey will never be single, not to mention boring. Apart from feasting your eyes, you can also exercise your whole body. Horse riding, boating, picnic and Frisbee golf are all indispensable entertainment items.

If you want to calm down and close your eyes to relax, you can go to a concert at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts to enjoy your life in the world of music.

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