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The impression on Philadelphia

The impression on Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a good place for a gold pin, and the bustling city Needless to say, the traffic is very convenient, in the harbor of the world, is also very good work, many famous enterprises gather here, is one of the major economic, transportation and cultural center. Also the historic city: Independence Hall; Rodin Museum; Pennsylvania Museum of Art and Franklin, Institute. Many international events are held here. Only here the city is unsafe, I heard a lot of black, law and order is not very good. Pollution is very serious, is a city of heavy industry. Many residents live in the suburbs.

Philadelphia urban areas and suburban traffic is fairly well developed, mainly by the operation of bus, subway, train in the urban areas facilitate the transport network. There are two main trunk of the subway and suburban rail: Market-Frankford Link by the 69th St. To Frankford. Broad St. Line / Ridge Spur Route, there are three routes. First after the municipal government (City Hall) from Fern Rock to Pattison,; The second is from Fern Rock municipal government (City Hall), but only to the Walnut-the Locust; third to 8th St. from Olney. Which the 13th St. and 15th St., 30th St. and City Hall Station free interchange. Two trunk and another quick trips to dock only certain stations, but most of the middle of the night departure. The suburban train (Regional Rail Line) into R1 ~ R8, costs due to different destinations vary, peak time and time the prices are also different. The vending machine in front of the station can display all prices. The bus is easily accessible, including buses, like the city tour bus, passing through all the famous sights. Shuttle from 9:00 am to 6 pm, every 10 to 20 minutes to send a shuttle. The city bus and subway fares, a trip to $ 1.60, subject to cross-district 40. Tokens price of two $ 2.30, the five $ 5.75, ten $ 11.50. $ 64 monthly pass, weekly pass $ 17.25, in addition to the one-day pass (Day Pass), as long as the U.S. is five yuan. But all Ticket than regional or cross-district fee to pay.

As for Philadelphia, eat, drink, I only know that the Philadelphia, South Street and Second Street talent bar is pretty famous, sub-species, at a reasonable cost. And heard is a gay bar Woody's Bar and Restaurant, just interested in also never been afraid to go.

Shopping to introduce you to the King of Prussia Mall, the U.S. East Coast's largest shopping center, is divided into the Court and Plaza, but according to the news is very expensive, if empty again in Philadelphia, you can experience the look.

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