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Rhode Island voted to change its name

Voters in the state passed a bill with 52.9% of the vote, reducing the official name of "Rhode Island and Providence manor state" to "Rhode Island State" and deleting the part of "Providence estate" in the name of the state, CNN reported on the 5th.

For a long time, Rhode Island has been controversial because the "manor" in the state name refers to the meaning of slavery. Especially after the "death of Freud" incident in May this year, anti racist demonstrations broke out in all parts of the United States, and the voice of the American people for the renaming of the state became more and more intense.

In June this year, Gina & nbsp; Raimondo, the governor of Rhode Island, signed an executive order, reducing "Rhode Island and Providence manor states" to "Rhode Island State", and used the name in official documents, executive orders and government letters of the governor's office. But the executive order did not change the name of the state permanently. Since then, Rhode Island's Senate passed a bill requiring voters to vote in November on whether to amend Rhode Island's constitution before the state's official name could be changed permanently.
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