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The breakers is a summer house built by the Vanderbilt family and designed by Cornelius Vanderbilt II. Although Newport's summer house is usually called "villa", there is nothing else. It has 70 rooms distributed on five floors. The interior of the house is more than 6000 square meters. Each bedroom has its own telephone and bathroom. The fireplace and bathtub are carved from the whole marble. In the mansion, full of murals and gold-plated decoration is absolutely eye-catching. The circuit breaker is located on the seashore with fences on the other three sides. It has always been one of the most visited family museums in the United States.

As the old mansion owned by Pierre lorrillard IV was burned down at the site, Vanderbilt insisted that his mansion was fireproof, so steel trusses were used for structural support. When it was completed in 1895, it was the grandest house in Newport.

The cost of this villa is more than seven million US dollars, equivalent to 150 million US dollars today. The luxury inside and outside of the mansion is quite luxurious. It is based on the Italian court style of the 16th century. It not only invited famous designers from all over the world at that time, but even the interior materials of the house were transported from France.

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