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The magic Kettle House

The world is full of magical, eccentric and novel buildings, some with classical characteristics, some with modern elements, can be said to be an art for viewing. Different people have different aesthetic views, but some buildings do attract the world's attention, and Kettle House is one of them.

Located in Galveston, Texas, near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Kettle House is known as one of the top ten strangest roadside buildings in the United States. It's said that Kettle House was built in the 1950s. It's a flipped launch cabin with a roof. The current shape feels like the bowl we usually use for eating. The most amazing thing about the huts is that they can't fall under the attack of Hurricane Ike in 2009, which makes them more mysterious.

According to a book, Kettle House was built by a local man who built the oil tank. The local people said that no one had ever lived in the house, but there was a man who repaired it regularly, but the man had disappeared for a long time.

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