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Lone Star State - Texas

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Lone Star State - Texas

Alias: The Lone Star State
State capital: Austin
Largest cities: Houston
State Flower: Small blue flowers in Texas (Texas lupine)
State Ming: Friendship
State tree: Pecan
State Bird: Mockingbird
State Song: Texas Our Texas
Location: United States of America
Under the jurisdiction of district: Houston, Arlington
Government Resident: Austin
Area: 696,241 sq km
Population: 20,851,820 people

Texas, is one of the largest South American state is the second largest state, behind Alaska. State name from the Indian tribe of the Caddoan language Hasinai "tejas", meaning "friend" or "allies." Spanish explorers named the Texas will be mistaken for the word person names, to which the standing. Texas, the southeast Gulf of Mexico, south of Mexico. An area of ​​691,000 square kilometers, behind Alaska, the second largest U.S. state. Population of 1,734.9 million (1991). Austin. Largest city Houston. Formerly Mexico, independent from Mexico in 1836, built the Republic of Texas. 1845 into the United States as a U.S. state. Long-term economic agriculture and animal husbandry. Large pastures and shepherds are one of the characteristics of the state representative. Cattle (mostly cattle) about 1,700 million head, ranking first in the country, Fort Worth and Amalie little is known of the livestock market and shipped more than corn belt. Sheep, turkeys, chickens and other breeding peak. Depends mainly on irrigation farming, the main producing cotton, times for rice, peanuts, fruits and vegetables. 1901 discovery of oil near Beaumont in the southeast has become the first oil producing nation, from sea coast to the Gulf of Mexico oil wells everywhere, the development of the oil refining and petrochemical industry as the center of various industries. In recent years the development of tourist spots, and the development of cutting-edge industries to aerospace Bureau of Houston's Space Development famous.

The United States belonged to Mexico, Texas, 1821 Texas is part of the Spanish colony of New Spain. Mexico's independence, Texas became part of the state of Mexico CoahuilayTejas. Twenties of the nineteenth century began, a large number of immigrants into the United States, Texas. December 20, 1835, Texas was signed in Ge Liya the first declaration of independence. Then there is the Mexican government to ban slavery system, the slave owners are not satisfied, so Texas on March 2, 1836 the formal declaration of independence, the establishment of the Republic of Texas.
Four days later, Mexico was the dictator Santa Anna, General Antonio Criolo Pei Side attack in two weeks, the wiped out guarding the Alamo, Texas, about 200 people. ("Remember the Alamo" became the slogan of an independent Texas.) April 21, 1836, in Shenghajintuo (now Houston) near the Antonio Lopez • • • de • Santa Anna Mexican army led by General Sam Houston was led by generals who defeated Texas 800. Then the United States recognizes the Republic of Texas, Texas Revolution in 1836 the newly created Republic of Texas and Mexico border dispute. Mexico does not recognize the independence of Texas, Texas, announced to re-incorporated into its territory and warned that if the United States will intervene if war broke out between the two countries. Texas maintained its independent stance and stressed that the Rio Grande River is the border. Britain attempted to mediate the dispute but did not succeed, because Mexico refused to recognize Texas. If the United States announced in 1845 the Republic of Texas joined the United States if the United States is willing to recognize the Rio Grande as its border. The same year, Texas joined the United States as the 28th U.S. state.

Texas, an area of ​​six hundred ninety-one thousand and thirty square kilometers, is the nation's second-largest state in area. The state can be divided into four main geographical regions: the West Gulf Coastal Plain, North Central Plains, Great Plains, and the wear Marcos area. One-third of the southeast Texas region is the West Bay coastal plain; This is a fertile lowland areas suitable for growing crops and fruit, and in grazing. North Central Plain has been the central Texas panhandle to the eastern half of the
Panhandle extension, basically no trees, some hills and valleys. Located in the northern Great Plains west of the central plains, are extended to the Canadian Prairies has been a part of. Perry Marcos area is located in western Texas, is a magnificent landscape from the rocky dry areas. Texas major rivers are: Perry Marcos River, and the Red River. The state's major cities: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Austin, Fort Worth, and Arlington. The state's population of over 19.4 million.

Significant climate change in Texas: the state may have a winter storm, may occur in summer drought, tornadoes, and hurricanes. North Texas, the average temperature in winter and summer respectively, one seven degrees Celsius and twenty-six once; the southern winter and summer average temperature is three p.m., respectively, six degrees Celsius and 29.4 degrees. Located in the eastern plains of Houston, the annual average precipitation is 114 cm; in El Paso in the west, the annual average precipitation of only 25 cm.

Texas in 2006 is $ 1,085,600,000,000 GDP, second only to New York, California and beyond. Texas is known for beef production, with an average output of more than 16,000,000 head of cattle. Texas cotton is another property, is the state's second most valuable crop. Texas originally dominated by agriculture, 80% of the state farm and ranch land, is the largest agricultural state, is also a major U.S. cotton production, cotton production out the first U.S. states, rice, sorghum, grapes, peanuts and watermelon and other agricultural production also in the forefront; Angola wool production accounts for 95% of U.S. production, 60% of world production. Livestock development, is the largest cattle of the state. Texas since 1901 after the discovery of oil in the Houston area, many oil companies flocked to the "Gulf", "Shell", "Texaco" and 25 major oil companies are headquartered here, have gradually become the largest state refining center, the United States most of petrochemical products produced here. With the oil industry, Texas as chemistry, electronics, aircraft and metals industries such as manufacturing center.

The proportion of the current race in Texas can be divided into:
52.4% were white (non-Hispanic ancestry)
32% Hispanic
11.5% African American
2.7% are Asian-Americans
0.6% are Native Indians
2.5% are mixed race
According to the census, residents of Texas ancestors, Mexicans (24.3%), followed by African American (11.5%), German (9.9%), Americans (7.2%), Irish (7.2%) .

Religion, belief in the ratio of the population in Texas
66% of Protestants
Roman Catholic 23%
1% of the followers of other Christian denominations
1% of other religious believers
6% of non-believers
Texas Protestants, of which the Baptist was the highest (32%), followed by Methodist School (9%), followed by the Assemblies of God (3%).

Texas museums: Amon Carter in Fort Worth Museum of Western Art, Jinbo Art Museum, Fort Worth Art Museum, and the Science and Industry Museum Wosibaoke; Houston Natural Science Museum and Art Gallery; in Dallas Museum of Natural History, Aquarium, Age of Steam Museum, and the Southwest Museum of Science and Technology; El Paso Museum of History; and the Texas Memorial Museum in Austin, Texas can be heard in all types of music, including the blue tone, Mexico, country, rock, and classical music. The state has more than twenty orchestras, which are located in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso and other cities. In Houston, the Houston Grand Opera as well. Often held in Houston and Dallas, theater performances, and the state colleges and universities throughout the theater, they often introduce a variety of drama programs.

According to the tenth amendment to the Constitution, education, norms are areas of state legislatures. But the U.S. federal government funding through legislation and conditions to influence the state government. For example, to stop praying before class, and the termination of the existence of segregation in schools. Some of the U.S. Congress will affect the state school legislation, for example, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 mandatory for all public buildings and educational institutions must provide services to persons with disabilities, which makes the Texas Legislative Council must raise taxes to pay the corresponding costs .
Public universities:
University of Texas
Seven campuses: Austin (main campus), Arlington, Dallas, El Paso, Odessa, San Antonio, Tyler
Texas & M University
There are ten campuses: University City (main campus), Hong Mo Si (Commerce Branch) and other ...
Texas State University
University of Texas
Texas Women's University
University of Houston
Texas Southern University
University of North Texas
Abilene Christian University
Baylor University
Rice University
Southern Methodist University
Texas Christian University
Trinity Southern University
University of Dallas
Dallas Baptist University

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