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Located in Zion National Park, Utah, the corob arch is recognized by the natural arches and bridges Association as the second largest natural arch in the world. In 2006, the association measured the span of the arches at 87.6 meters, just a little shorter than the landscape arches of the arch National Park in the United States.

The name of the colob arch is related to the Mormonism that most of the local white people believed when they moved in. The word "colob" is now in the book of Abraham in the classic "priceless pearl" of Mormonism. It is believed by Mormons that it is the closest planet to the God's residence. Therefore, the colob arch is also a very sacred place. The colob arch stands on a high rock and is spectacular due to thermal expansion, internal pressure and erosion. Visitors can get there from two hiking trails, both of which are about 7 miles long and about 14 miles back and forth, which takes 12 hours.

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