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The foster bridge is located in Cabot, Vermont. It was built by Richard Spaulding. The name comes from his great grandfather who owns the fenggren farm. Now the farm belongs to the Bert family.

The foster bridge is a replica of the farm bridge on the winusky river. It was built around 1890 and took only six weeks to complete. It is also known as the "Otton bridge" or "Martin Bridge" by local people. The wooden covered bridge is located in a valley in the middle of the farm. There is a small pond under the bridge. The flowing water, beautiful farm landscape and elegant covered bridge make up a beautiful picture. The bridge is too narrow for modern farm equipment to pass through, but it provides a cool place for people coming and going in summer. It is said that this is a special bridge, which not only attracts the arrival of passing photographers, but also becomes the venue of wedding. New people like to hold the most important wedding in their lives on the farm near the bridge, making the bridge a witness of sweet love.

The quiet and elegant Forster corridor bridge not only brings beautiful memories of life to the builders, but also brings joy to the people near the farm. It is an ideal place to watch the sunrise and sunset. It is the most precious heritage of the town, which is worth everyone's care.

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