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Let’s go close to the NFL’s Green Bay Packers

Let's go close to the NFL's Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers was established on August 11, 1919, its founder Curly at Lambeau and George Whitney, Calhoun,. At that time, at Lambeau request the boss of the American Indian packaging company to sponsor the team's uniforms. The results of packaging company donated $ 500 sponsorship of the team's equipment, so the team named after the name of this company.

Packers joined the NFL in 1921, eight times to win the NFL championship, after the two federations merged into the new NFL league, they were in 1967,1968,1997 and 2011 to win the first, second session, thirty-first and forty-fifth Super Bowl championship.

This is the NFL the only team to team co-owned by the public, and the team of the early NFL last one born in a small city, and never migrate. Team in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the city is only 10 million inhabitants. The team worth up to $ 1.2 billion.

Some knowledge:
American National Football League is the world's largest professional American Football League, the world's most commercial value of the sports leagues. Union, a total of 32 teams, the NFL is the most famous American Football League, so it has up to the fans. Union has also tried to NFL competition, but did not like the NFL so much support, has so many fans.

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