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American new concept: the deposit of more than consumption

American new concept: the deposit of more than consumption

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According to CNNMoney, this is a trend from the "Great Recession", is a major shift in the consumer habits of americans. This weekend, the United States will enter the holiday shopping season, however, this makes the business is very depressed trend will continue.

In October, the U.S. savings rate rose to 5.6%, a record high of nearly three years, while the September savings rate of 5.3%. As a result, in October, Americans added $400 to a savings account, not to spend it. Official data show that in October, the United States personal savings of $7619, also hit the highest level since December 2012.

Gasoline prices fell, wages rose and the warmer weather in the past for consumers save a lot of money, indicating that consumers will come in 2016 will save money.

However, between October and September, the personal consumption expenditure of the Americans - a measure of the expenditure - rose only 0.1%.

Sometimes, when the saving rate rises, but the consumer is not warm, the Americans are concerned about the economic situation is not good, and thus will not release the money bag. However, in October the growth rate of the United States and the growth rate of the economy recession seems to have little to do with. On the 24 day, the U.S. Commerce Department announced that the 2.1% quarter of the economy is better than expected: economic growth rate reached third, higher than the expected 1.5% in October.

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