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Teach you how to shop in the U.S.

Teach you how to shop in the U.S.

Shopping Method Talk

(1) to store purchase.

(2) mail (mail order), receive the directory, the favorite item to order form, or by telephone mail order, about a week or so to receive goods. Unsatisfactory goods can be returned, sometimes the other side of the return postage refund.

(3) TV shows to buy: Some specialized TV, around the clock to sell goods, like goods to call Order, or programs in advertising and promotion, or by mail order or telephone order. For purchase by mail order and on television the best reputation in this business have trust or to determine the quality of the product only to be ordered, or it may be deceived.

Buy cheap goods recipe:

(1) Self discount stores: the whole batch of goods on display, all self-service, few members of the sales to help, so prices are lower, but the design is also more limited. Moreover, as K-mart, Price Club, Cosco and other large chain of cheap shops, goods are more expensive than the price is purchase a good place for general household goods, but is rare in this high-level products.

(2) Factory Outlet (outlet store): Some of defective merchandise, return of the shop or factory; some are factory sales of its poor, or expired products unsalable in direct marketing for the sale, these outlet stores operated by items, the price of goods Qizhe probably only normal, half of the amount or even lower prices, and therefore should be selective in the choice. Choose carefully, still worth the price.

(3) Special stores (Thrift Shops): usually by charitable organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army operations, people donated their collection of books, clothing, porcelain, etc., be sorted, cleaned, special ways to sell, then donate the proceeds hospitals, schools or other units. Although these second-hand goods stores, but practical and cheap.

(4) other money recipe:

a. seasonal auctions: usually August or after Christmas. In addition, major festivals and sometimes there are bargains.

b. use the coupon (coupon): There are several sources of coupon pipeline: attached to the Sunday newspaper, the mail in spam and other newspapers and magazines, or attached to the product itself for the next use. Some supermarkets will also set the special box coupons, consumers will not need to collect a discount voucher for those who need freedom of choice. Department of General Use coupon prices charged by the nominal value of coupons; some stores offer double coupon policy, you can deduct twice the amount of coupon face value. Use coupon should be carefully weighed their own needs, not because of price cuts to the temptation to buy some things for less than are used up, instead of wasting more money.

c. use of vendors and shops discount (rebate): firms or shops sometimes promote the product, is the provision of goods discounts. Department completed its way to discount form, fill in the name, address, refundable amount, together with the purchase receipt (receipt of goods will be refunded circle), there are fashion goods to be cut labels or upc code, along with the manufacturer or sent to store the address specified. Usually about four to six weeks to get back the refund check companies.

d. Request rain check: unless the store specifically to availability, or any discounted items Ruoyi sold out to the shops can be obtained from rain check, even if the original product recovery can still be held rain check on the listed purchase price reduction the goods. But usually limit the number.

(5) Additional notes:

a. return (refund): When to buy goods not desirable or can be held after the change of heart by the original purchase receipt for store credit. If the store for the chain, but also to other chain store returns. Return period vary from each store, and some indefinite period of time constraints, some ninety days are limited, even less when you buy the Office should be clear to play business. Presented a receipt is lost or if the gifts of others, not with a receipt, some stores will refund or credit in accordance with current prices for other things. General returns, refunds are usually returned to reclaim the payment method when shopping mainly those paid in cash refund in cash, credit cards are credit card account refund. But there are also shops will respect the wishes of the customer refund.

b. Warranty (warranty): in particular, electrical products, generally with a manufacturer of after-sales guarantee, but not thin product value, so the store will encourage consumers to purchase another product warranties. In fact do not need to purchase another, because if pay by credit card, many credit card services have extended warranty period. As a way to obtain assurance, is the manufacturer of the survey card and complete the purchase date, return the vendor for product registration in the future if the product failure during the warranty period, parts replacement, can be obtained free of charge. The credit was extended to ensure that some companies require the purchase of a certain period of registration, but some companies will automatically extend the guarantee. To ensure effective after-sales service, product model should weekdays (serial number), type and receipts, safekeeping. (Note: In the U.S., electric appliance repair cost was very high)

c. case of those who call to sell goods should be turned down. Even if only a small payment to the promotional prize, all should be careful, There is no free lunch, goodwill is not good business to sell their products in this manner.

d. Avoid buying things installments, the interest costs are very expensive.

e. Many stores often present themselves as the price of the store is to take the cheap, and encourage consumers to price ratio. Commodity prices, if consumers find a lower price than the stores who are not only the lowest selling price and refund the difference plus a fixed percentage, such as Circuit City. Therefore, the daily pay more attention to the store promotional ads, text ads keep paper use to do the parity, while the lowest can buy the same goods.

f. If the billing error in many supermarkets, priced from the wrong person, often correcting errors complimentary consumer purchased the goods. Therefore, supermarkets should carefully check the receipt, do not eat boring loss.

g. some credit card companies (such as Citibank) to the person holding the credit card company to provide compensation for services post goods. Consumers to purchase goods (such as electrical products) at market price if higher than the other stores are promoting the same product with the specifications of the price, consumers will be receipt and low-cost advertising be sent to other stores credit card companies, to recover difference.

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