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The Characteristics of topography in Arkansas

Arkansas is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The northwest is situated in the Wasito and Ozak mountains. The southeast is a valley and plain alluviated by the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers.

Arkansas is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, with half plains and mountains, and different landscapes. Almost all rivers flow from the northwest to the southeast and directly into the Mississippi River. If we draw a line from the southwest corner to the southeast corner of the state, we can roughly divide the whole state into two physical geographical regions: the northwest is a mountain highland, the southeast is a lowland, and the capital Xiaoshicheng is located on the middle line, which is the economic center of the whole state. Highlands are also divided into the Wahito area in the South and the Ozak Plateau in the north by the Arkansas Valley. The former is a soil erosion mountainous area. Several peaks are over 760 meters in height. The famous national hot spring park is located here. The latter has many rapids in the South and fertile land in the north, producing a variety of crops.

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