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The Rare and beautiful Horsetail Falls

The waterfalls we usually see are white ribbons flying down the river. They are dazzling white, pure white and shining white. But have you ever heard of a red waterfall like fire? From afar, it looks like volcanic lava pouring down the cliff. This is the rare fire waterfall we usually see --- Horsetail Falls.

Horsetail Falls is located in the Semidi National Park of the United States. It is a seasonal waterfall. The waterfall is not the magma flowing down from the volcanic eruption, but the optical effect formed by the sunlight from a specific angle on the waterfall. Some photographers who take pictures of fire falls often take years to get a picture. The reason why it is so difficult to see this kind of scene is that the appearance of the fire waterfall needs to meet several conditions. First, the waterfall relies on the melting water of snow mountain on the chief rock as the source, so it does not exist all the year round. The snow on the chief rock usually melts in December and January every year. By the end of February, the waterfall is likely to have run out of water and fall. The second is the angle of the sun. The position of the sun must cover the waterfall exactly, and the proper angle of the sun only appears in the sunny evening of January and February every year.

Only a few days in February each year, when the sun and the waterfall reach a certain angle, this kind of spectacle will appear. Horsetail Falls first emits yellow light. In a flash, the whole waterfall is illuminated by the sun. It looks like hot lava pouring down, which is very spectacular.

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