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Have you ever been to the Kansas Underground Salt Museum?

Established on May 1, 2007, the Kansas Underground Salt Museum is located in the world's largest mineral salt, providing an opportunity for people to see the mineral salt structure 198 meters below the earth's surface. This is a quite unique tourist attraction, where you can visit the amazing salt mines formed 275 million years ago.

The Kansas Underground Salt Museum is located in the salt mine of Hutchinson salt company, which started operation in 1923. The company was formerly known as Carey salt company. There are 14 other salt mines in the United States, but none of them are open to tourists. The Kansas Underground Salt Museum is the only Underground Salt Mine Museum open to tourists in the United States, which is worth exploring.

To enter the Underground Salt Museum of Kansas, visitors need to take a double elevator with 15 people on each floor, and can arrive at the Underground Salt Museum in 70 seconds. Although the weather in Kansas is unstable and unpredictable, the temperature of underground salt mines is constant, usually at 68 degrees, with a relative humidity of 45%. Underground salt mines are particularly large, generally 1400 square meters, and the height is 5.2 meters. Since 1954, anyone who enters here - tourists and salt miners must wear safety helmets and rescue breathing tubes to ensure adequate safety. This kind of adventure is very worthwhile. Only here can you see the magic salt mine of the natural masterpiece, which is like a sparkling crystal hanging in every corner of the cave.

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