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The Magical mushroom rock state park

Mushroom rock state park is located in the smoky mountain area of Kansas. Although it covers only 5 acres, it has some of the most weird balance rocks on earth, such as mushroom rock, giant shoe rock, and numerous other rocks of different shapes. Mushroom rock is the biggest highlight here. It's like a giant mushroom. Looking at it, children may think that caterpillars smoking water pipe bags in Alice in Wonderland lie on it to rest.

Mushroom rock is like a work in progress. Unfortunately, when the work is finished, the rock structure will go to the end of life. Although weathering and rain erosion is a very slow process, they can also have a significant impact over a long period of time. In mushroom rock, it is easy to see how the harder and darker Dakota sandstone - "cap rock" can protect the softer and brighter colored stone that serves as the base. In fact, this narrow base used to be a completely different part of the rock stratum. After a long time of erosion, most of the rock stratum has disappeared.

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