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Kentucky Derby Museum is located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. It is an American pure race Museum. It aims to protect the history of Kentucky Derby and is located next to the world-famous Churchill Park horse farm. The museum was built by James Graham brown, a Louisville industrialist, with a donation of $7.5 million, and opened in the spring of 1985.

Because Kentucky is famous for its famous horses, there is such a horse racing museum. The biggest difference between Kentucky and other museums is the huge oval hall, just like the racetrack shape of the racetrack. The 360 degree large screen shows people the HD video "the greatest event". The roof of the museum is hung with the flags of the previous champion horses. It collects and displays various materials and cultural relics related to horse racing, and collects many carriages of different ages. By watching the documentaries and exhibits here, visitors can learn how to raise a foal and gradually train it to participate in the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky horse racing is famous all over the world. It is regularly held on the first Sunday of May every year. The racecourse is located in the nearby Churchill Park Racecourse. The ten day Kentucky horse race is a major event in the city. At that time, Louisville held a series of events centered on horse racing. 1. Boating and hot-air balloon races. They were very lively. The distance between the races is one and a quarter miles, and only 16 three-year-old horses with the best performance are allowed to compete in the race every year. They can win the championship in Kentucky Marseille. Both the owner and the jockey are regarded as the highest honor.

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