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What is Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is located in the easternmost part of Massachusetts. It is a peninsula deep into the Atlantic Ocean, covering an area of 1033 square kilometers. It was named Cape Cod because it was once rich in cod. It has a beautiful environment with fine sand. It can not only feel the breath of the sea, but also enjoy the scenery along the way.

Cape Cod is a good place to spend summer and summer. July is the peak tourist season every year. Most of the peninsula is composed of sand, which is wrist shaped. The sand is dotted with clumps of Artemisia and the sea water left by the tide. The white grass, yellow sand and blue water are absolutely rare scenery. Cape Cod is a gap in the sea formed by glacier movement during the ice age of the earth. It probes into the ocean from the land, from the west to the East, and then turns back to the northwest, forming a lunar bud. Some say that she is like a sickle in harvesting the waves, some say that she is like an elephant's nose to draw water in the sea, some say that the headlands of microwaves are like mother's arms.

From April to October every year, Cape Cod turns into one of the best whale watching places in the world, mainly including fin whales and humpback whales, who are naughty and occasionally come out of the sea to breathe fresh air. Nine times out of ten, I'm lucky to see these behemoths when I come to Cape Cod.

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