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Have you ever been to Franklin Park Zoo?

Franklin Park Zoo is located in the north of Franklin Park in Boston. It opened in 1912. It covers 72 acres. It is home to more than 220 kinds of lovely animals, about 1000 animals. It is the most popular zoo in Boston. Franklin Park Zoo aims to enhance people's understanding of nature and animal protection through conservation projects, educational research and various exhibitions.

At present, the park is divided into several exhibition areas, such as tropical rainforest, through Serengeti prairie, Kalahari desert kingdom, giraffe prairie, bird world, butterfly Kingdom, tiger legend, African wild dog and children's zoo. The rainforest covers an area of 3 acres, where visitors can enjoy animals living in the rainforest, such as gorillas, bats, mandrills, leopards, crocodiles, koalas, water porpoises, pygmy hippos, etc. According to the living habits of birds, the bird world can be divided into four categories: swamp, rainforest, desert and wetland. The colorful birds are dazzling. The most colorful world in the zoo is butterfly world, which opened to the public in 1998. There are more than 1000 colorful butterflies flying here.

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