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The Boston Symphony Hall, located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, was completed on October 15, 1900, replacing the Boston concert hall as the new residence of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It is currently the residence of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pop Orchestra.

The Boston Symphony Hall was built on the Leipzig hall, which was destroyed in the Second World War. Like Amsterdam hall and Vienna Golden Hall, it is a narrow and tall "shoebox" shape. The hall is 61 feet high and 75 feet wide. It is 125 feet long from the back wall to the front of the stage. The stage walls incline inward to concentrate the sound. In addition to the wooden floor, the whole hall is built of brick, steel and gypsum, and decorated appropriately. The depth of the side box is very shallow, which can avoid muffling and sinking. The plaid flat roof of the hall and the three sides of the statue provide excellent sound for each seat. Beethoven's name is engraved on the stage of the hall. He is the only musician whose name is engraved in the Boston Symphony Hall, because he is the only musician whose name is engraved in the hall by the unanimous consent of all directors.

Sixteen replicas of Greek and Roman statues line the walls of the hall to confirm Boston's well-known "Athens of the Americas.". During the symphony season, the hall can accommodate 2625 people, the pop season can accommodate 2371 people, and the banquet can accommodate 800 people.

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