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Maryland’s Six Flags park

Maryland's Six Flags park is located on the outskirts of Baltimore, near the six flags in Washington, D.C., the only theme park in the region. It's a place for family play. There are more than 100 exciting rides, games and performances, all of which are very attractive.

Come to the United States, how can we not go to the thrilling adventure park? No matter how, we should also find a park nearby to let the bones of the whole body move. Then come to the Six Flags paradise! Here is a lovely doll. Adults and children can take photos with them. There are seven kinds of roller coasters here, and two wooden roller coasters of middle ancient style. It's a bit unreliable to watch them! The Joker's jinx roller coaster is a pile of twisted steel tubes. The roller coaster flies on it at 60 miles per hour, one circle after another, four 360 degree turns in the whole process, making people dizzy and unable to find the direction.

As long as you buy tickets to the Six Flags Adventure Park, you can also enter the Six Flags water park. In 2014, the water park will introduce a 6-story water slide with 6 pipes. The slide can hold six passengers at once, first sliding 50 feet down a transparent tube and then through a 200 foot dark tube.

There are also restaurants in the park. If you are tired, you can come here to have a rest and eat something to supplement your physical strength.

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