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Mcity, a small town dedicated to driverless cars, was established in annalburg, Michigan, to attract more start-ups to develop here. With a cost of 10 million US dollars, the world's first mysterious town, built for testing driverless vehicles and V2V / V2I Internet of vehicles technology, has been officially opened to the public after being designed with environmental variable control.

Mcity, operated by the Michigan mobility reform center, is the world's first controlled environment for detecting the potential for the development of connected automation vehicle technology.

Thomas frank, executive director of ethics at the University of Michigan entrepreneurship training center, said, "we are expanding the program now because there is a strong demand for it from both emerging companies and students interested in participating in the program. We believe that learning through experience is the key driving force for innovation. "

The driverless city mcity will set up an experience learning base, techlab, to let students who are interested in practical application access to early technology, and learn and develop practical technology from it, so that students can promote the innovation of Internet driverless driving to enter the market. This kind of learning opportunity is only available at the University of Michigan.

In addition, high potential companies from the U.S. West Coast - zendrive, polysync and civil maps - will join techlab in the fall.

In the future, mcity will be used by more than 60 enterprises, including automobile manufacturers, universities and research institutions, mainly for the test and development of automatic driving and electric safety systems. In mcity, there are different roads, intersections and V2I, which can fully simulate the real road conditions.

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