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Located in Grand Marais, Alger County, Michigan, the pickle barrel house is a house built on the basis of one character, similar to the pickle barrel we usually see. It is known as one of the most creative buildings in the United States because of its unique shape.

In 1926, Coopers (and pickles, among others) in Chicago built the two-story bucket house for their advertising illustrator William donahey and his wife for summer use. The pickle barrel house covers an area of 3 acres and consists of two houses in the shape of pickle barrels. The main part is a 4.88-meter-high barrel. It has two floors, one is the living room and the other is the bedroom. The smaller pickle barrel is used as a kitchen, and the two buildings are connected by a food storage room.

In 1936, the pickle tube house was moved to the center of the great mare. It was once used as an ice cream shop, inquiry office, gift shop, etc. because of its disrepair, it was taken over by the great mare history society in 2003. In 2005, the renovated kimchi tube house was opened as a museum of William's works of art. It was open from 13:00 to 15:00 every day for free.

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