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One of the highest sculptures in the United States:Our Lady of the Rockies

Located at the top of the North American continental divide, Our Lady of the Rockies overlooks Beaufort in Montana, 27 meters high. It is the second largest sculpture after the statue of liberty in the United States. The towering statue, made by volunteers from a small village at the foot of the mountain, was carved to commemorate women from all over the world, especially those who are mothers.

The statue is 8510 acres above sea level and 3500 feet above the town. At night, the statue is lit, and you can see this magnificent sculpture standing on the top of the mountain in a distant place. There is also a little story about the origin of sculpture. In 1979, a local man's wife suffered from cancer. He promised that the Virgin Mary would set up a 5-foot-tall statue in the courtyard if her wife got better. If his wife was ok, he changed his idea of building sculpture in the garden, but placed the sculpture on the high mountain top. This work began in 1979, and many villagers joined in this huge project as volunteers. They spent countless nights digging through the path on the top of the mountain. Finally, in 1985, the statue and the path were completed. The statue used more than 400 tons of concrete, which shows that the project is huge.

The best time to visit Our Lady of the Rockies is from June to October every year. Tourists can go there by car. It takes two hours to travel back and forth. The white virgin statue is magnificent, overlooking its own people, providing spiritual sustenance for people living here.

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