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The Magic Great Basin National Park

The Grand Basin National Park is located in a remote area of central and Eastern Nevada, adding to its attraction. The sparsely populated and breathtaking scenery makes this national park an ideal choice for peace, quiet and adventure.

The Grand Basin National Park is a 31,161 hectare Snake Mountains tourist attraction, providing you with the opportunity to observe and participate in a variety of activities, all seasons can find fun and adventure activities.

The Great Basin National Park has many treasures. The majestic Wheeler Peak, which is more than 4,000 meters high, is a good place for hiking. It is covered with Fox pine forests and has some of the oldest trees in the world (including some with 5,000 history).

In summer, fishing by the brook, driving along the sightseeing Road on the remote Park lane, experiencing a difficult hiking trip and exploring underground caves. In autumn, the beautiful scenery will be covered with a beautiful autumn color. In winter, snow will cover the trees.

While skiing in the park, learn how to distinguish animal tracks left by bobcats, elk, coyotes and long-eared hares. In spring, when animals wake up from hibernation, everything comes back to life and flowers blossom.

Underneath the park, there is a beautiful Lehman Caves, which is just like another world: the tiny rock tips drip down from the top of the cave like water pillars, and the scenery is incredible. Even when the sun goes down, the beauty will not disappear.

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