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Do you know Parthenon Nashville?

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the Parthenon temple is a complete 1:1 replica of the Parthenon temple in Athens. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. In 1897, a fair was held in the area. In order to match Nashville with the title of "Athens in the South", the building was called to be built. At that time, a series of antique buildings were built for the Expo. However, only this Parthenon temple is a reproduction of correct restoration, and it is the only one that remains to this day.

The original building materials were gypsum, wood and brick, and then they were rebuilt on the same basis with concrete in 1920s. Today, the Parthenon temple is regarded as an art museum, the core building of Century Park on the outskirts of Nashville. Alan lequire, the sculptor, rebuilt the statue of Athena in 1990, which is the focus of the museum's attention in recent years.

This huge statue of Athena is a full-scale reproduction of the original Athens. The statue of Athena is based on careful academic research on the ancient disappeared original gods: Athena wears a breastplate, a helmet, a shield held by her left hand and a victory goddess held by her right hand. It is 42 feet tall, with a total weight of about eight pounds of gold foil, and there is a big snake between her body and shield. After the completion of this building, in order to approach the original as much as possible, it has also been painted in color, which has become a landmark for many tourists to take photos here.

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