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Arlington National Cemetery can be traced back to the Civil War, where many fighters slept. The memorial ceremonies preserved to this day express people's reverence.

Arlington National Cemetery is located in Arlington County, Virginia. It is one of the few large buildings in Arlington, the fourth smallest county in the United States. Across the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., Arlington is a community in Washington, D.C., where five bridges connect the two places. Arlington County was originally called Alexandria County. In 1789, Virginia ceded it to the federal government as part of the Columbia District. In 1846, the federal government returned it to Virginia.

Sleeping there is regarded as the glory of the rest. Arlington Cemetery is situated on the West Bank of the Potomac River, across the river from the Lincoln Memorial. Standing behind the Lincoln Memorial, the Arlington Bridge crosses the Potomac River and a flat road crosses the bridge to the Arlington National Cemetery gate. Having appreciated the magnificence and magnificence of Lincoln Memorial Hall, I walked across the Aton Bridge, walked into the Arlington Cemetery in the breeze of the Potomac River, and strolled on the stone steps on the Arlington Slope. It was like reading the story of an American Dream word by word.

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