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The charming Norfolk Botanical Garden

Norfolk Botanical Garden opened in 1938, covering an area of 155 acres. It is the botanical garden with the largest number of roses, azaleas and Camellia planted in the eastern coastal areas of the United States. It is famous for its unique theme garden and attracts tourists from home and abroad. Every year, about 250000 people come to explore this magical world of plants.

Norfolk botanical garden is divided into 40 different kinds of theme gardens, such as rose garden, sensory garden, azalea garden, pine and cypress garden, Vanilla Garden, Japanese garden, butterfly garden, Renaissance manor, Virginia native botanical garden, sunken garden, sculpture garden, wild garden, desert botanical garden, arboretum, winter garden, wonderful world, etc. each garden is full of flowers and bees Butterflies swarm in groups. The wonderful world is specially designed for children. It aims to let children explore the relationship between plants, environment and international culture.

The colorful and colorful botanical garden attracts 95 kinds of birds and 30 kinds of butterflies. Their arrival has added many vivid colors and vitality to the botanical garden.

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