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Old Dominion State - Virginia

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Old Dominion State - Virginia

Location: United States
Location: latitude 36 ° 31 'to 39 ° 37'
Area: 110,784 sq km
Population: 7,769,089 (2008)
Attractions: Ejido Croft Hall, endless hole castration
Population: 5,135,000 people; in the fifty states, the thirteenth row.
State capital: Richmond
Major Cities: Norfolk; VirginiaBeach
Governor: Tim Kaine
State Flower: dogwood flowers
State bird: cardinal
Largest city: Virginia Beach
Official language: English
Area: 110,862 sq km

The state of the United States one of the oldest states.
In 1607 Britain established Jamestown in coastal settlements in North America, the first piece. So the state has the "old Dominion state," the alias. The name "Virginia" is to commemorate the British Queen Elizabeth I on the pioneering contribution of the British colonial enterprise.
Members of Virginia in 1774 proposed the convening of the First Continental Congress. 1775 George Washington of Virginia as one of 13 North American colonies rebel army commander in chief.
4 July 1776 the Second Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson of Virginia representatives participated in the drafting of the "Declaration of Independence." 42 President of the United States, there are 8 Virginia, they are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Wilson. Therefore, Virginia, also known as the "President of the town."
October 19, 1781 Yorktown in the state the British and French troops surrender to the U.S. War of Independence ended.
June 26, 1788 the state approved the Federal Constitution, becoming the 10th state admitted to the Union. Virginia during the Civil War most affected, the state alliance outposts in the south, and Richmond is the capital of the South League, and thus become the main battlefield. Many fierce battle took place in this region.

From the shape point of view, like a triangle, Virginia, east side of the Atlantic Ocean, the terrain sloping from west to east. Steep gully west of the Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains, during a fertile valley 1746 meters above sea level Mount Rogers, the highest point for the state. Central part of the Piedmont Plateau, west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, east Falls line. Line for the coastal plain east of the waterfall, rapids and more. Potomac River, Rappahannock River, York River and James River east of the four influenza Note 入切萨皮克 Chao Wan, the plains of the peninsula split into North Zernike, Middleburg, Virginia Peninsula and the three Peninsula. Across the sea in the southern peninsula of Delaware, also belong to the state. Between it and the City of Norfolk sea highways. This channel consists of four man-made island, two long bridge and tunnel connecting the two together, also known as the tunnel bridge, length of 28 kilometers. Works great distance, such as Changhong lying wave, extending into the sea of ​​heaven, very spectacular. Virginia climate is mild and pleasant. Winter temperatures rarely drop below the eastern coastal areas -9 ℃, summer temperatures rarely above 38 ℃. Crop growth period of 8 months, the western mountains to more than 3 months. Mountain cold winter cool summer and winter temperatures can be as low as -18 ℃, the summer temperatures are generally lower than 32 ℃. Average annual precipitation between 813 ~ 1219 mm.

Balanced economic development of Virginia, has many sources of income. Ordinary workers across the state has 4.1 million, one-third in the tertiary sector. 2009, Forbes magazine for four consecutive years will be named Virginia the best state in the United States. In 2008, the state GDP of 397 billion U.S. dollars. 2000, scheduled according to the median income of the richest U.S. 100 county-level administrative regions, among the highest in the number of Virginia. Virginia has 18 Fortune Five hundred companies, according to the National tenth place. Virginia holds the most intensive skilled workers, high-tech industrial products. In 2006, the state computer chip is the highest export value of products, more than the traditional exports of coal and tobacco combined. Northern Virginia was the state's cheese production and processing bases, but now the development of information and communications technology, information consultation center for the leading high-tech industry, especially in the Dulles technology corridor. Data center in northern Virginia, assumed 50% of U.S. Internet traffic, 2012, 10% of Dominion power plant will be used for the data center. As of 2006, the northern part of Fairfax and Loudon County, the median household income in the state ranked first and second among all counties in the United States is also the ranking rafts.
From Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia to the southern region, its economy is mainly dependent on local military bases and facilities; another livestock, tobacco and peanut farming. Virginia has 47,000 farms, with a total area of ​​850 million acres, the average area per farm 181 acres, agriculture accounts for employees in Virginia, 20% of the employed population. In 2006, Virginia tomato acreage and yield more than soybean, is the state's most important economic crops and other cash crops are peanuts and hay. Chesapeake Bay oysters are an important part of the regional economy, but because of disease, water pollution and over fishing, oyster production has been drastically reduced. Throughout the Gulf Coast and northern Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains wineries and vineyards have begun to tourism income.
Northern Virginia, many educated people who directly serve the U.S. federal government offices in the region, the effectiveness of other ordinary people according to government employment contract security company. U.S. government departments, including the CIA and the Department of Defense, as well as the National Science Foundation, the Geological Survey and the Patent and Trademark Office, etc., with offices in Northern Virginia. Hampton Roads is the world's largest concentration of military facilities in the city, the largest, the United States naval base in Norfolk is located in the region. Virginia, the number of 80 million veterans, more than any U.S. states. Virginia, U.S. per capita defense expenditure listed second only to Alaska.
Virginia's personal income tax levied by 5 income brackets, the tax rate from 3 to 5.75 percent range; merchandise sales and use tax rate is 5%, food 2.5% tax rate; Virginia where there is a 1% surcharge, in most The total procurement of goods should also pay the sales tax rate is 5% mixture of tax; property taxes levied by local governments to develop and to levy the scope of the property throughout the state and the geographical differences in the levy on the difference in; property in accordance with local complete fair market value of the tax; a personal level of tangible assets, mutatis mutandis, by the local economy a percentage of original cost of the asset tax.
In 2006, Forbes magazine as the United States, Virginia, the best business environment in the state.

Virginia history and culture has been widely publicized, publicity coverage in the United States north and south, the publicity focused on the Virginia historical figures, such as: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee and so on. Virginia is the home of these historical figures, but also the birthplace of the country. Contemporary culture is rich in resources of Virginia, is the cultural circle in the southern part of the United States. Smithsonian Institution United States will be divided into nine Virginia cultural district. Piedmont is one of nine area, the local language of the most unique to the United States have great impact on the English south. Although the United States in English in urban areas tend to unity, but also different parts of the accent mixed in, including the Tidewater accent, the old Virginia accent, and Tangier Island during the Elizabethan popular British accent.

Virginia has a comprehensive medical and health service system. According to the American Health Foundation's health ranking in 2008, Virginia ranked the overall health of residents of the nation's No. 20; statewide neonatal mortality rate was 0.67%, ranked 21st in the nation. Despite this record, Virginia has been quite good, but there are still different because of race reveals the social nature of health disparities, African-American neonatal mortality rate 63% higher than whites, and 14.1% lack any health insurance. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25.3% of Virginia who are too fat; 36.6% are overweight; only 78.4 people persist in physical exercise. 10 to 17-year-old Virginia man, 30% were overweight or obese.
Virginia, 85 hospitals were included in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Well-known medical institutions across the state, including the largest hospital in the Washington metropolitan area - Innuovo Fairfax Hospital, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and Medical Department. Vladimir Vladimir is a large medical center an integral part of a large health system, "U.S. News And World Report" magazine as the United States, its high levels of endocrine specialist medical center.圣塔拉诺福克 Sheng Tala General Hospital is the medical and health systems division based in Hampton Roads, is a national medical institutions, is the first case of successful implementation of the IVF hospital.
Virginia, a number of private health doctor for every million residents have private health practitioners 124, out the nation's 13th. In 2008, the American Health Foundation, based pathogen detection, the vaccine distribution and medical assistance to the states three criteria for major health disaster preparations tested and the results obtained Virginia is the nation's five states out of one.

The proportion of ethnic
At present the ethnic proportion of Virginia can be divided into:
70.2% were white (non-Spanish ancestry)
19.6% were African American
4.7% Hispanic
3.7% are Asian-Americans
0.3% Native Indians
2% mixed race
According to the census, residents of Virginia ancestry, African Americans (19.6%), followed by Germany (11.7%), Americans (11.2%), English (11.1%) also Irish (7.2 %).
In addition, residents of five years of age 6.5% share, while the age of 18, 24.6%. For over 65 years was 11.2%. Virginia women slightly outnumber men, the percentage was 51%.

Religion, belief in the proportion of the population in Virginia is:
74% Protestant
12% Roman Catholic
2% Other Christian
2% Other Religions
7% Non-Religious
Protestants in Virginia, of which the Baptist was the highest (31%), followed by Methodist (13%), followed by Presbyterian (4%)..

Virginia last century from an agricultural and political conservative of the continent into a more urban, diverse and politically liberal U.S. states. 1970 years ago, Virginia was divided in the political, racial barriers factions. At first, deprived of political rights of African Americans until the mid-1960s through the civil rights legislation of Virginia, their political rights was guaranteed. Other ethnic groups, especially Hispanics also have a law of movement and the right to vote, which makes minority of Virginia's role in political elections more important. Freedom of movement due to staff, regional differences in the political life of Virginia played a significant role. In response to the Republican Party's "Southern strategy", the western and southern parts of the agricultural population into supporting the Republican Party; the rapid development of urban and suburban areas (including Northern Virginia) is a Democrat in the world. Advocated the establishment of democratic trade unions, and thus parts of southern Virginia to exert political influence, especially the universities focus on a few towns, such as: the first town of Charlottesville, Blacksburg, and southeastern Black - Burr region.

As of 2009, Virginia, there are 163 colleges and universities. In the "U.S. News And World Report" ranking of public universities, the University of Virginia ranked second; William and Mary sixth. Since 1993, ranked James Madison University Master of Education in the southern United States to provide the first public university. Virginia military school is a long history of the National military academy, the highest grade of American liberal arts college. Virginia Commonwealth University is the largest comprehensive university with over 32,000 students in it and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and George Mason University, are closely related. Polytechnic and State are the two largest U.S. land-grant university. In addition, the University of Virginia in the 40 public campuses are equipped with 23 colleges, a total of 260,000 students. Private higher education institutions across the state and another 116.
University of Virginia is well-known:
American Military University
Averett College
Atlantic University
Bluefield College
Bridgewater College
Christendom College
Christopher Newport University
College of William and Mary
DeVry University-Crystal City
Eastern Mennonite University
Eastern Virginia Medical School
ECPI College of Technology ECPI
Emory & Henry College
Ferrum College
George Mason University
George Washington University-Virginia Campus
Hampden-Sydney College
Hampton University
Hollins University
Institute for the Psychological Sciences
Institute of Textile Technology
James Madison University
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Liberty University
Longwood University
Lynchburg College
Marine Corps University
Mary Baldwin College
Marymount University
Norfolk State University
Old Dominion University
Radford University
Randolph-Macon College
Randolph-Macon Woman's College
Regent University
Roanoke College
Saint Paul's College
Shenandoah University
Sweet Briar College
United States Marine Corps University
University of Mary Washington
University of Richmond
University of Virginia

University of Virginia's College at Wise
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Intermont College
Virginia Military Institute
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Virginia State University
Virgina Theological University
Virginia Union University
Virginia Wesleyan College
Washington Bible College / Capital Bible Seminary
Washington & Lee University

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