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The Characteristics of Spokane City

Spokane is the transportation hub of the North Rocky Mountains Railway and the distribution center of agricultural, forestry and mineral products. Founded in 1871, the original name is Spokane Falls. Wood processing industry was developed by utilizing the hydraulic power of the Spokane Rapids. During the Second World War, Daguli Dam was built 150 kilometers west of Daguli Dam, and various industries were developed through hydropower, including non-ferrous metal smelting, chemistry, textile, wood processing, food, etc. The region is the hub of railway transportation, and tourism is also thriving. It is also the medical and health center of the region.

Spokane has modern facilities in other big cities, as well as the comfort and quietness of small towns, which are charmed by its long tradition and rich and colorful cultural activities. The city's cultural life and recreational activities are deeply influenced by the climate and geographical location, so that you can feel the different scenery and climate throughout the year. Colorful parks are a major feature of the city. You can visit Riverside State Park, Manitou Park and Botanical Garden, John Finch Arboretum, etc. The Northwest Museum of Culture and Art is the largest art museum in the Northwest inland, focusing on the art of American Indians, local history and visual arts.

Because of its close proximity to a series of lakes and rivers, Spokane has become an ideal place for swimming, boating, rafting and fishing. The nearby mountains are also good places for skiing, hiking and mountain biking.

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