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The Colorful Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is a block in Seattle, Washington state, USA. It is located in the southwest corner of downtown Seattle. It used to be the heart of the city. In 1855, the founders of Seattle settled here. There is no clear definition of its scope. It is listed in the national historical records list from Alaska road in the west, King Street in the south, Fifth Avenue in the East, and yesler way in the north.

The early buildings of pioneer square were mostly wooden structures, almost all of which were destroyed by the Seattle fire in 1889. By the end of 1890, dozens of masonry buildings had been built, all of which were made of nonflammable materials such as stone and cement, most of which were Richardson Roman style, forming the architectural characteristics of the block. In the center of the square, there are bust statues of Seattle, the Indian chief. Seattle chief was one of the few Indian chiefs who established a good friendship with white people at that time. The name of Seattle City also comes from the name of the chief. In front of the statue of the chief stands a carved wooden column as high as 50 feet, on which the trilinguit tribe displays the legend of the creation of the earth and the birth of human beings with an Indian myth.

At present, Pioneer Square is surrounded by a large number of tall buildings, shops, art galleries, Internet companies, cafes, sports bars, clubs, bookstores and exotic restaurants, so it is also regarded as the center of Seattle's nightlife by local people.
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