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Mount Rainier:one of the highest active volcanoes in Washington

Mount Rainier is located in Mount Rainier National Park in the southeast of Seattle, Washington state, 87km away from Seattle, 4392 meters high. It is the highest peak of the Cascade Mountains. Mount Rainier is a layered volcano and the highest active volcano in the region. It is surrounded by a wonderland trail and covered by several glaciers and snow fields.

There are more than 20 glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, streams, forests and hillsides covered with flowers on Mount Rainier, which is one of the hot spots of Seattle people's holiday outings. The danger of Mount Rainier lies in that the snow and ice covered by this volcano is more than the total snow and ice covered by other volcanoes in the Cascade Mountains, so the eruption of this volcano will have a great risk of volcanic mud flow, and a large number of urban facilities are the biggest threat to Mount Rainier. Mount Rainier will enter a period of obvious volcanic activity every 500 to 1000 years. The last violent eruption was 500 years ago, and it is currently in a dormant state. The next eruption is unpredictable.

Mount Rainier is often shrouded in clouds, bringing a huge amount of rain and snowflakes to the summit every year, and making the summit invisible to many visitors on weekends. Mount Rainier is a mountain climbing resort for mountaineers. They like to challenge themselves and conquer Mount Rainier. About 10000 people try to conquer Mount Rainier every year.

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