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Spokane City’s Beautiful Landscape

The pearl of the Spokane Center is the Riverfront Park, which covers 40 hectares. Take an aerial cable car and spend 15 minutes visiting two Spokane Falls and the scenic spots left behind after the 1974 World Expo. You can see all kinds of sculptures, ride a merry-go-round, or pay tribute to the Vietnam Memorial. In ManitoPark, you can ride a bicycle or walk along the park's roads to visit picturesque gardens, greenhouses and duck ponds. Go to the nearby Nine Mile Falls and visit Riverside State Park, Washington's largest state park. In this park, which occupies nearly 5,700 hectares of Spokane River and Little Spokane River, you can have picnics, swimming, camping, hiking, fishing and boating. Skiing and snowmobiles. To the Centennial Trail, follow the 64-kilometer paved trail to enjoy the scenery from the nine-mile waterfall to the Idaho border, with the central section running through the Riverside Park.
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